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Interdisciplinary Medical Device Consulting

GY Medical Device Consulting, LLC provides biomedical, clinical, and forensic engineering services to hospital systems, medical device companies, insurance carriers, and legal practitioners in both medical device liability and patent cases.

Whether you are seeking a clinical engineer, professional services related to research and development, or the clout of an expert witness, we have the medical device skills and experience that you need!

Medical Device Consulting & Engineering Services

Dr. George Yanulis, D. Eng.
Medical Device R&D Engineer

Dr. Yanulis, D. Eng. is the CEO and Principal Engineer for GY Medical Device Consulting LLC.

He is an experienced Medical Device Research & Development Engineer with over twenty years of experience with all types of cardiac implantable systems to include vascular stents, cardiac pacing devices, ventricular assist devices, cardiac echocardiography and electrophysiology devices, physiological monitoring equipment; surgical devices; neurological therapy devices; and medical imaging systems.

Clinical Engineering Consulting

When you work with GY Medical Device Consulting, LLC, you have access to the expertise of an organization with more than 25 years of R&D and consultation experience with medical devices. This experience comes from a long career of working in the medical device industry, as well as the advanced applications provided through the possession of a Doctorate of Engineering.

Medical Device R&D Advisor

We offer you the necessary expertise in the R&D of medical devices used in the critical care settings for patient monitoring and heart failure therapy. These skills and experiences enable us to provide expert recommendations to companies related to medical device R&D services.

Although we currently have no in-house facilities for research, development and testing, we can contract out to third parties to provide these services for your medical device prototype development.

Medical Device Expert Witness Services

Since 2008, GY Medical Device Consulting, LLC has acquired a proven track-record of being diligent, highly professional, and a meticulous expert witness organization based on a broad and deep knowledge of medical device design principles.

Academics and Research Consulting

With an encyclopedic knowledge base in neurologic and cardiac applications, along with technical and engineering skills, Dr. Yanulis, D. Eng. is able to explain educational aspects of biomedical engineering in an easy to understand manner. This skill has ensured that he has had the opportunity to work with universities and their students in an effort to assist in developmental research in the medical device industry

GY Medical Device Consulting